Age: 24 Bust: 32
Nationality: British Brunette: Bisexual
Height: 5'4 Ethnicity: English 
Languages: English Dress Size: 10
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Esme- The sultry temptress

Esme is a lovely babe that is outgoing and interesting. This fantastic lady with beautiful captivating blue eyes is 24 years old. She likes to travel and have good long discussions with new people. Esme is capable of holding conversations in multiple languages as she can speak both English and Spanish. She also loves to watch movies and considers herself to be a very homely person. Weighing at 110lbs, this petite beauty looks just as good with clothes on as she does without. Esme can make you feel comfortable and relaxed. If you are a little lonely, this lovely lady can keep you company and make you have a good time. Esme has the body of a supermodel and takes her scent very seriously. With an array of lovely smelling perfumes, she believes that scent is the secret to a woman’s allure. Esme is also a fantastic listener that can listen for hours on end and loves to be fascinated by new experiences. Looking for a companion? Esme is more than capable and she would definitely make it worth your while. She is the perfect companion for a lovely time in Manchester.